The Port of Cromarty Firth exists to improve, safeguard and develop the Cromarty Firth as a Port, for the benefit of all stakeholders. The community sponsorship programme aspires to improve, safeguard and develop the port, the Firth and its surrounding communities for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Application Criteria:

  • Applicants must be a community project, school or local charity based in one of the nine communities that border the Cromarty Firth. The port does not accept applications from individuals.
  • Applicants must submit an application form which clearly states the measurable objectives of the project and the expected outcomes, and how they meet the aspirations of the programme and the qualifying criteria. Projects can request financial assistance and/or donations of time. They must also submit a letter of support from their local Community Council, outlining how the project benefits their community and confirming it is recommended for support.
  • The port is seeking community support partnerships. Projects must be collaborative and deliver positive benefits to both the port’s community and the port.
    • Community benefits must meet one of four qualifying criteria:
      1. Skills Development, Employability, or Job Creation
      2. Vessel Crew or Passenger Support
      3. Environmental Protection and/or Enhancement
      4. Inter-community events or projects which enhance and/or benefit more than one of the nine Cromarty Firth communities and encourage inter-community collaboration. This can include historical projects related to the port and the Firth; providing they are accessible to all Firth residents.
    • Port benefits can include promotional opportunities, staff development, environmental enhancements, improvements in port infrastructure etc. The Port logo must be prominently displayed on all project promotional materials.

Long-term projects are of particular interest, as they provide an opportunity for the parties to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Projects related directly to the Firth will also be viewed favourably.

The port is fortunate to receive many requests for support. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Cut off dates for submissions are the last day of March, June, September and December.  Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submission within a month of the cut-off date.

As a condition of the provision of support, a brief report must be submitted to the Port of Cromarty Firth at the end of the project, or on the anniversary of the date support was provided (whichever is the soonest). This should outline the success of the project and compare the achieved outcomes to those set out in the original application form.

Please request an application form using the Contact Us section below.

Main Contacts

Cromarty Firth Port Authority, Port Office, Shore Road, Invergordon, IV18 0HD

+44 (0) 1349 852308

Chief Executive – Bob Buskie
General Manager – Calum Slater
Commercial & Finance – Richard Fea
Business Development – Joanne Allday
Marketing and PR – Stuart MacDonald Butler

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