Port of Cromarty Firth has the necessary permits, infrastructure, experience, capacity and supply chain in place to provide a turnkey solution for approximately eighty percent of the decommissioning needs of the Central and Northern North Sea oil and gas fields.


Port of Cromarty Firth is capable of decommissioning the largest offshore production platforms and subsea structures, and is already a proven natural choice for decommissioning projects.

The Port’s deep, sheltered waters are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, assuring you of quick vessel turnaround and fast delivery of decommissioned structures to the common waste stream.

Decommissioning Berths

The newly developed Berth Five, with a depth of thirteen point five metres and a quayside that can take vessels up to one hundred and eighty five metres in length offers access to a superb wide-open laydown area equal in size to six football pitches. It has the ability to take structures up to twelve thousand tonnes across its quayside. This is well over the weight of the Beatrice topsides or jackets.

Berth Four is the deepest on the East Coast of Scotland. It has a depth of fourteen metres at chart datum, a quayside capable of taking vessels up to three hundred metres and access to laydown area the size of 3 football pitches which can accommodate structures the size and weight of Buchan Alpha’s topside.

Queens Dock has a depth of twelve metres, a quayside that can take vessels up to one hundred and forty metres in length, and laydown space the size of two football pitches.

Your Choice of Suppliers.

The uniqueness of the offering for the decommissioning market resides in the Port’s open port philosophy.

This means that P.P.C. and R.S.A. permits covering the Invergordon Service Base are held by the Port, enabling the processing of fifty thousand tonnes of structures annually.

Contractors and operators can therefore choose to work with the Port’s established Supply Chain alliances, ranging from demolition and dismantling contractors to waste management and NORM decontamination specialists, or bring their own to the site.

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Decommissioning Projects already handled include:

  • Semi-submersible Drilling Rigs
  • Subsea Manifolds
  • Wave and Tidal Turbines

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