The Port as a National Strategic Asset

Port of Cromarty Firth is a hub of economic activity; generating £275 million per annum and supporting 1 in 6 jobs in the Invergordon Travel to Work Area. This valuable asset is safeguarded by a Board of Directors and 100% of surplus (profits) is reinvested in the port's development for the benefit of current and future generations.

World Class Facilities

The Port has the capacity to handle the world’s largest drilling & production units, production vessels, cargo & cruise ships, renewable energy structures and decommissioning projects.


World Class Supply Chain

As the Port Authority, we are extremely proud of the comprehensive supply chain services on offer at facilities throughout the Cromarty Firth.



Port Environment

The protection of the pristine waters, the wildlife and the habitats of the Firth is a legal obligation and one of the Port’s main priorities.


Development Plans

The Port reinvests 100% of its profits into developments for the benefit of our stakeholders. See our current plans.



As a Trust Port, we strive to maximise stakeholder benefit from the Cromarty Firth.


Main Contacts

Cromarty Firth Port Authority, Port Office, Shore Road, Invergordon, IV18 0HD

+44 (0) 1349 852308

Chief Executive – Bob Buskie
General Manager – Calum Slater
Commercial & Finance – Richard Fea
Business Development – Joanne Allday
Marketing and PR – Stuart MacDonald Butler

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